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About Us

About Us

Our core values ​​are accurate diagnosis, reliable results; and privacy of customer information.


MG Institute, in 2015, our founder Veterinary Microbiologist Prof. Dr. It is a Veterinary Diagnosis and Analysis Laboratory built on Leyla Güler's professional experience of more than 35 years. It is licensed by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and operates with the TS EN ISO/IEC 17025 TURKAK Accreditation certificate. While we are on the road, our aim is to use the experience, scientific research and work culture of our founder Leyla Güler; Reliable and fast results by bringing together a curious, dynamic and careful team that loves their profession; It was to create an institution that produces. In this specific field that requires expertise, experience, scientific research, ability to interpret and responsibility in the world and in our country,  We provide service with technical staff consisting of veterinarians and molecular biologists. Bacteriology, Serology, Molecular Diagnosis, Biochemical Analysis laboratory units are available.


We provide laboratory services to large dairy and fattening enterprises, layer and broiler poultry enterprises and sheep-goat enterprises. We meet the diagnostic and control demands of national and international vaccine companies. Upon the request of the enterprises, we provide the licensed and licensed vaccine companies in our country with bacterial strains that we has isolated and identified for the production of autogenous/commercial vaccines. In addition, we conduct tests and analyzes of scientific research projects (BAP, T&U BITAK etc.) carried out in universities.



Reliable laboratory services; It can be carried out in appropriately structured and
managed laboratories in an environment where qualified personnel, infrastructure and
scientific methods come together.