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Our Aim

Our Aim

Laboratories have an important supporting role in the performance of veterinary services. Diagnosis, prevention and control of animal diseases without data and information obtained from laboratories; will be insufficient.

Confirmation of clinical cases or suspicious diagnoses, disease-free/certification of individuals or herds for trade/movement of animals, elimination of diseases from certain herds, detection of prevalence of infections, risk analysis, laboratory tests are needed to determine the immune status of animals or herds; is heard.

As it is known, animal foods have a place where there is no alternative for human life, development and future. Increasing population, urbanization, industrialization, alienation of people and farm animals from nature restrict people's access to healthy farm products. The number of enterprises that use large-scale and modern production methods to meet the increasing demand is also increasing. need; In order to meet the demand for animal production, animal production is supported on a national and international scale. Animal husbandry provides serious gains to the farmers and investors who operate consciously. However, when preventive medicine and the correct diagnosis and treatment of diseases are performed, it causes significant losses to businesses and the country's economy.

Our aim is to support the developing animal husbandry of our country with laboratory services.


Reliable laboratory services; It can be carried out in appropriately structured and
managed laboratories in an environment where qualified personnel, infrastructure and
scientific methods come together.